How to Develop a Winning Goal

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People who set goals achieve much more in life that their peers of equal ability and education. Goal setting is a productive process that helps you focus on your ideal future and motivates you to achieving that ideal future.

Goal setting helps you decide where you want to go in life. By setting your goals and knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you can focus your resources on achieving your purposes in life.

Now, for some people, setting a goal and working it, is a whole lot too much process for them. Someone even told me point black recently that he does not know how to set goals.

And true, setting a goal may be easier said than done. Setting a winning goal like everything required for living a successful life is a process that needs to be learned.

So, how do you set winning goals for your self? This is advice may help you. Here are five things to consider when setting your goals.

1. Be specific. What exactly do you want? Ensure the goal you set is very specific, straightforward and emphasize what you want to achieve. If you want to get in shape, don't just say I want to loss weight, instead, your goal should be something like I want to join a health club and work out 2 times in a week

2. Your goal should be measurable. Set a goal with measurable progress, so you will know when it is achieve. Goals that you can't measure will only cause you frustration. Having measurable goals keeps you on track, and seeing the your progress helps keep you motivated and focus on your achieving your goals

3. Set attainable goals. Have goals that are reachable so you can be committed to achieving them. Goals that are too far out of your reach will only cause you unnecessary sleepless night and they are not worth the effort. But this does not in any way means that you should set only small goals for yourself. Actually, you should have BIG goals, don't just intentional set goal you know you can achieve.

4. Have realistic goals. Your goals must be realistic in the sense that they must represent desires which you are both willing and able to work toward achieving. Set goals you truly believe you can achieve. You goals need to be realistic for you and where you are at the moment. Make your realistic.

5. Give yourself a dateline for achieving your goals. By setting a date for achieving your goals, it help force you to work and drives you toward it achievement by give you a sense responsibility. Set your goal with dates for their achievements.

If you can simply master these easy to follow tips above and focus on working your goals everyday, you'll soon find yourself achieving you life desires one after another, and inspire your life for the better.

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