Did You Make New Years Resolutions?

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Most people make new years resolutions every year and statistics show they are forgotten by February.
Are you one of those people or maybe your will power lasts longer but still falters.
Whichever position you are in you are still hoping you can accomplish your goal.
You constantly struggle with the problem and keep reminding yourself of the limits you have set.
There is always that nagging thought of your resolution and how the change will make things better.
Also how will you feel IF you Fail and what will others think if you? We all have things in our lives we would like changed but as everyone knows making a resolution won't do it.
A resolution is only a decision to make a change and is one of many means of trying to achieve a better life for ourselves.
We can decide to do something all day long but until that decision is coupled with determination the result will be the same.
Nothing ever changed by decision or design, but only by the doing.
We must have the desire, make the decision, and then become determined in our own minds to accomplish it.
Though making resolutions may be good we must also be sure to be determined to achieve our goal at all cost.
Striving for a better position in life is admirable but if we go about it incorrectly the result can be devastating.
Never attack a problem with a "might happen" attitude, always have the determination to accomplish.

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