Why Worry to Think, If You Can Guess?

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To guess is to form an opinion, give an answer, or make a statement based on supposition, but not on careful thought, calculation or definite knowledge.
Guessing has a lot of advantages to the person who is always busy at work.
It saves him from the stress of a deep and careful thought.
Whenever you try to guess, you always discover the joy and fun of doing so.
To guess is to relax the mind and give out a random answer.
Those who are too indifferent or lazy to acquire facts with which to think accurately, are prone to guessing instead of using their head to think.
Snap-judgments or opinions created by guesswork play a heavy role in a lazy man's life.
Thinking rightly produces the right and expected answer.
Though nothing good comes easy, yet nothing gladdens the heart than getting something out of nothing.
In many ways, we have tried to keep our integrity and maintain our level of commitment, yet we miss the step because we forget to lay a solid foundation.
Many times, we have expected that people will be nice to us, that we'll have good health, great marriages, faithful friends, successful careers, but what do we do when life does not play up to our own expectation? Life, as we know, is full of guesswork.
It becomes even worse when things keep working in the opposite direction.
Consider being stuck in a tough marriage, an unrewarding job, or a challenging neighbourhood, it's easy to get discouraged, right? Sure, but it is quite different with the positive thinker, the one who does not plan his life on guesswork.
Guesswork may offer the easy cut to many answers, yet it is not a reliable means to proffer solution to life's matters.
When we plan our lives well, we are not bothered too much about life's uncertain future, because we have already known they are there, waiting for a time of manifestation.
A life that is built on guesswork has no preparation for such uncertain future occurrences - the loss of a spouse, a job transfer, or a health crisis.
It is only centered on supposition not reality and as such, does not stand realistic occurrences.
It may be nice to discourage people from thinking and planning ahead, hinging their lives on guesswork, yet guesswork does not stand the test of time.
It is a lazy man's ways of solving crucial problems.
No matter the benefits of guesswork, I do not subscribe to it, and it has nothing good to offer.
It pays to think.
Though not every thinking produces the right answer, but it is better to be original than to imitate.
When we sound indifferent, we do no justice to ourselves, therefore, fairness demands that we be original and productive.
Right thinking boosts our self esteem and yields to our self confidence, but guesswork is a disgrace.
It pays to think.

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