Spiritual Junkies

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If you think spirituality cannot become an addiction think again.
In this age of uncertainty where there are more questions than answers people are looking for a way out of their reality and what better place to hide than in another dimension.
As a Psychic/Medium I know how easy it is to drift away from this world but I also know when I come back the 'real' world will be waiting for me.
I have always held these words close to me 'To touch the stars you must feel the earth beneath your feet.
' You have to stay grounded and deal with your 'realities'.
As much as I believe in Angels I know they are not there to do my work for me but to show me the work that needs to be done.
There is a great misconception out there that all these books, gurus, workshops and new products are going to be your salvation.
You are being told they hold the secret or are the way or can provide you with the keys.
What they are not is a miracle cure for reality.
They are 'tools' let me repeat that 'tools'.
And just like the new beauty drill you rushed out to buy to finally build the set of shelves in your bedroom...
they will end up sitting gathering dust somewhere if you do deal with the reality that it is 'you' who has to do the work.
Again I do not want to rain on your parade but those bills tucked away in the drawer you have been avoiding you cannot think them away.
And rest assured if you start quoting the Oprah to your partner in the middle of an argument she will throw her book at you! You have to acknowledge your reality before you can change it if you do not all you will create is an illusion.
Spirituality is a beautiful moment when you are at peace with who you are where you are and what you are doing.
It is the joy and laughter between friends and family.
Hugs and smile, tears and happiness.
It is life it is the very moment you are in the very people who surround you the very world you inhabit.
It is not a separate entity it should not take you away from your world but draw you into it.
If you are stepping away from your reality then you are at risk of becoming a spiritual junkie.
These words I give you have no power other than what you give them.
That is because they are a tool of creation nothing more.
Grow and learn step into the new and exciting things the New Spirituality offers but keep one foot firmly on the ground.
The magic is in awareness the gift is in understanding and the unwrapping enlightenment.

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