How Low Self-Esteem can be Deadly

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Too many suicides are consumed in the world. Behind many of them there is a very low self-esteem. I am not talking about the kamikaze that kill themselves for fanaticism.
Low self-esteem in people who tend to depression or to throw away their own life is a wide-spread disease. Strangely enough, nobody addresses low self-esteem when talking about these many people who commit suicide.
If in general, people were more aware of the sufferance of others, maybe low self-esteem were less deadly.
It is the indifference with which whole communities treat their members that kills many people.
If you listen to the talks among people who know each other for many reasons, be it work, be it because they are neighbors, you may be astonished how flaw these talks are. They remain on the surface. How is the inside, the mental aspect of a person, does he or she have fears, anxieties, doubts or panic or depression? Who is interested in these aspects of a person? Most of your neighbors are not. They have their own problems and do not want to know those of others.
A person who suffers from low self-esteem remains isolated in his/her mental torture.
If there is no help they can get from people around them, who live or work with them, their self-esteem will get lower and lower.
"Nobody wants me": this thought will continue to appear in their life, in their, maybe, sleepless nights. This idea of being left alone becomes so strong that they tell themselves that they are nobody, in any case nobody wanted by others. Then the low self-esteem turns into deep depression and at the end, it can really be deadly.
In recent years, many people were rejected in their jobs. They lost jobs, income, maybe their home. These events may have caused them a depression. They may have searched within themselves for the reason of what was happening. Were they not worth of their jobs, of their home or whatever had left their lives? Didn't they deserve to live a decent life? Doubts took the place of what they lost and doubts became low self-esteem. Sometimes, when life is hard on us, we no longer believe in ourselves.
It is important for all of us to have a good word for all people who cross our way. Sometimes just a friendly "hi" can do wonders.
Let us be the wonder in somebody's life.


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