10 Ways To Shape Your World To Amazing

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There are people out there who are shaping the world with the application of what they know.
Are you? Being busy does not mean that you are doing well financially or that you have mastered a system.
It just means that you are busy! Become efficient with your time.
You will know when your are efficient with your time when you feel that your appointments or unscheduled appointments go smoothly and perhaps are delegated to your team for further completion.
10 Ways to Improve your Life 1.
Seminars I've been to a number of seminars and paid their hefty prices.
In retrospect I don't regret going to any of them.
What most people overlook when they see the price ticket is that they are paying leading experts in their field of expertise to teach them a better system.
You are not paying for their time but for their experience.
You can spend a week-end with an expert and it can potentially change your life or you can keep doing the same thing and reap the same results.
Personal Coaching I chose to be mentored and coached throughout my life starting with motivation speeches from Anthony Robins to more technical seminars on stocks and real estate.
Consider what you learn in my e-books at a discount for all that I have experienced.
Over the years, I used the help of personal coaches to reinforce decisions that I've made.
Who better to ask than someone who has been through the trenches? 3.
Write it Down There is power in writing down that which you want in your lifetime.
I have a list of things pined up on my board of 100 things that I need to do before I die.
Everyday I am reminded that there is more to life and the list motivates me to make decisions each day that will bring me closer to checking an item off the list.
In fact just seeing the list makes me feel guilty when I know that I haven't taken any recent action.
Starting tonight I want you to start creating your life in advance.
Yes, tonight.
The way to get results is to schedule events, then do them.
So today declare that you are a business; take inventory to find out what you've been missing.
Raise the bar on Your Life Whatever you ask from life, the universe will work to help you get there quicker than you expected.
Ask for more and then do more.
Take daily steps to achieving your dreams.
You do not serve yourself, your family nor do you serve the world by living in mediocrity.
Associate with achievers Any free time you have is precious; I choose to spend it with achievers, winners, those who want more out of life and go after it.
I like to be around people who exude success; you know who they are because as soon as they walk into a room the whole dynamics change.
Achievers are also people who bring projects to completion.
They are always working on a project, complete them and keep moving forward.
Do you know anyone like that? 6.
Keep records Anything worth achieving is worth documenting.
How else will you keep track of your progress? When I decided to write these newsletters, I made a commitment to write x number of pages per day.
If you are working during the day you can commit to blocking off periods of one to two hours per night of "freedom time".
If the phone rings don't answer it, if your house is burning down, use your free hand to call a fire truck ..
get it? All interruptions will be valid if you allow them to be.
"Freedom Time" is your time to figure out how to get out of the rat race so take it seriously.
I was joking about the house burning down scenario! 7.
Develop a System When you have a system, others will respect it because you will value it.
This is where it all starts.
All successful businesses have systems that they follow.
Franchises are good example of systems.
When you think of restaurants that are spread across the world that offer a consistent product and/or service, that is effective, you've identified a successful business system.
Join a Networking Group Whether you are going for networking purposes or for personal growth the important thing is to get there.
Networkers are people who are looking to improve their lives.
The latter is a good crow to be around because they are going somewhere or at least they are looking.
The Internet has even made it easier for those people who can never find the time to go to meetings.
Affirmations This is the oldest trick in the book and the good thing is it doesn't take any time out of your day to do it.
If you walk around saying that you feel healthier with every step you take, your mind will work to find other ways to promote your health and allow you to experience the result you want.
If you believe the process will work for you, it will.
If you believe that it won't, it won't.
Try chanting affirmations without judgment for example: "day by day I am getting richer and everyone around me wants me to succeed".
Read I always enjoyed reading and what I noticed is that the more I read about a subject the more I wanted to know.
If you want to be a better cook get cook books, If you want to know how to make more money subscribe to newsletters, magazines, read how to books.
It's all in a book! Study success and you will eventually become it.

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