William F. Sai's Road to Recovery Part 3

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The recent FISHKILL in Pangasinan. Bangus or milk fish in Dagupan and Pangasinan is one of our agricultural products that we can be proud of. When we say Bangus, they have the best. We need quick results here, they already have a loss of 190 Million and lots of jobless workers.

What shall we do? Create a foundation, closely monitored by COA or Commission of Audit and the DOJ or Department of Justice. The purpose is to create fund support to these farmers and activate our government and non government agencies. The first is to create funds to replace the loss, of course, if there is no business insurance to cover the loss, then, the foundation will create the funds through CDF or countryside Development Fund of the particular senators or congressmen, private backup, government agricultural funds.  The soft loans should be regulated just like the TARF of the US but ensure no executive bonuses or put that as a condition or a crime.

Fisheries and Aquatic resources monitoring should be in place. Like water sample every week to ensure the environment is fit to produce quality bangus. If these things are done, will there be fishkill as they have claimed it is the oxygen content or whatever it is in the water.  The rule of the thumb in fish breeding is to ensure QUALITY WATER          .

If we can have foreign players or foreign investments to soften cash flow from the government or the foundation, make it happen. Government should play hardball on bickering and ensure quick recovery, the sooner they can produce again the better.

Get our best agricultural scientist or seek help through international agencies to help recoup the quality of water in these areas to make it best back on its feet.  If they are small producers, have  cooperatives and make them realize the fruits of economic scale.

Open the venue to more exports; replicate these to other provinces which have the same shorelines. Produce agricultural scientist that can be paid by foreign grants, or last government should pay as these will translate to production and more taxes. Intensify the need in our educational sector.

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