To Be Or Not to Be a Medium- That is the Question

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Here's the scoop; a phone call and text that say's "the medium was crap on Sunday and there were too many prayers.
I am going back to the Wednesday when there is more mediumship.
" Is this the way that developing students should act? Perhaps it's the Gucci syndrome again and the individual looks at mediumship as a cool parlour trick that will bring her fame and fortune.
By this point my blood is boiling and I can't believe what I am hearing.
Too many people fail to see how sacred and pure the gift of mediumship is and what it's role actually is, not to mention how difficult the job can be.
I say Job because as a medium - we work for spirit.
If no one in the congregation gets a message or the messages are not as forthcoming as they normally may be.
The medium is held to account and many walk away from the church service or theatre disappointed - rather like leaving the cinema early after reviewing a movie that is not your taste or as enjoyable as you originally thought.
Why should the medium be held to account, it's a hard job and one that is attacked bythose that misunderstand its mechanics.
When a student acts in this way; I can't help feeling that they should not be developing.
They must endure until they go through a learning phase that will enable the student to understand mediumship and what it is to be used for.
Perhaps we can hold to account the many TV, Radio and magazines that portray ghost hunting and spirit communication as the next dollar for the entertainment industry or maybe it's just the human persona that demands attention.
Should she develop - no! Not unless she understands the reasons and grows spiritually.
That brings me to the divine service and the fact there were too many prayers and not enough mediumship.
Let's get one thing straight; it is a divine service and that in some way means showing servitude to spirit as well as gratitude and compassion for humanity.
The service is full of prayer and philosophy and is much a part of the student's development.
It's not all about standing there and giving evidence.
How many individuals give thanks for the mediumship or indeed the most important facet of the demonstration - proving the existence and continuance of the spirit after the physical death of the body? Perhaps one must understand how such simple evidence no matter how dynamic can change someone's life or indeed help them to heal the grief and hurt they may experience through loss.
Therefore it is wise to accept that mediumship is only a small part of our spiritual development and that it is not we who are the catalyst for entertainment.
Spirit invariably is the one whom decides who will and will not work for them and no amount of desire or wish to be the centre of attention because of your capacity will be enough.
Development is not the newest craze.
So you want to be a medium, I can understand that but ask many professional mediums how it all came about and the same constant will always surface.
Ninety per cent of them will tell you that it is not something they wanted but something that happened that was the catalyst to a spiritual awakening.
Mostly, this awakening is brought on by hardship and suffering.
The need to develop is to understand what it is that you experience and how to remain in control of your natural gifts.
Even those that have always been aware of their gifts from a young age will have to have some formal training from a guide or a professional teacher within a properly formed church.
Developing the gifts themselves have their own trials and agitations, as you learn to progress spiritually, you are faced with many tests in your life that will strengthen your spirituality and test your boundaries.
Of course developing can also be dangerous and opens you to a world that for many is normally unseen.
Perhaps not understanding the reasons for development or the process of development is a sure-fire way to problematical events in your life manifesting when it is too late.
Developing also takes patience and in this fast paced world, this is something that we have lost.
Perhaps this is why there are not many if any real physical mediums in the world today.
Developing takes time, patience and understanding and that is something that most of us lack.
Mediumship comes in many ways and we must go through a process to learn those mechanics.
Standing on the platform means that you have gone through years of development and therefore have reached the requisite standard to work.
Perhaps it's about time that we tried to understand the mechanics and not judge those who give of themselves.
Mediumship is serious and not to be taken lightly and is not the new in-thing to have.

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