Learning To Laugh At Embarrassing Situations

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We all have been through situations in life where we have been the class clown for a little while. The embarrassing situations in my life have ranged from downright dirty in nature to ridiculous. Sometimes we get caught up in situations which are not nice at all but a negative reaction wont help you. One of the best reactions that I have seen was when a woman walked into a crowded mall with her skirt unzipped. I admired her reaction. She just smiled and said thank you when she walked off. She didnt show a negative reaction at all which totally diffused the situation. There were many people who saw her predicament and some were even privately laughing but when they saw how smoothly she dealt with the situation it took all of the wind out of their sails. This type of situation can go one way or the other, the key is you. How will you handle the situation? Will you react to the attitude of other people or will you take charge of the situation.

I like Evander Holyfields attitude at overcoming bad situations. He talked about the way he dealt with being injured in a fight. Whenever he got hurt in a fight he took it as an opportunity to excel. You should look at your embarrassing situation the same way. Let it be your opportunity to show the world that you are the better person. You take immediate control of the situation. Dont let it control you.

If you have high self esteem you know that this situation does not reflect you at all. You are not defined by this situation so you should not be embarrassed by how it looks. Since it is not you its not a big deal at all. You should laugh because of the fact that it is not you. Let your situation be an opportunity for you to have a light moment. Look at it as if your friends are being entertained at your expense. When your self esteem is good you are self directed. You are not affected much by the thoughts and actions of others but you see yourself as one who is in control of his or her environment.

One bad situation or incident in your life does not define who you are. It has absolutely nothing to do with who you are or what you are capable of. Dont make excuses to others for your embarrassment. When you make excuses it shows that you are really not in control of your situation. When you dont make excuses it shows others that you really are not concerned about what happened and that it doesnt affect you one way or the other.

Everyone loves a good joke every once in awhile so let your mindset be one of mirth. You cant be serious about everything that happens in life. Sometimes such a situation can be a welcome break in routine. Lets all learn to live, laugh, and enjoy life.http://cedricrice-A.webcopycat.com

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