The Theta State Of Mind

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Recently I was listening to a CD called "The One Command" by Asara Lovejoy.
The subject was the theta state of mind.
I found it so riveting that I decided to write an article on the subject, sharing my interpretation with you.
In science, there are greater quantum laws that create something from nothing.
They make the invisible become visible and are known as the quantum field.
We, human beings, are now in the evolutionary process of becoming aware of this.
When we create from this greater capacity within us, we can revise most negative situations and neutralize the conditional mind of limited ideas and thoughts instantaneously.
In the theta state of consciousness, we are able to create miracles and are able to attract improvements in every area of our lives.
It could be financial resources, health, relationships or whatever we desire.
This means that we are able to create the life we desire by focusing on the right thoughts continually.
Do you ever wonder why you are here? We are here to grow and to develop.
We are here to serve the Divine, ourselves and each other.
When we truly get this, we will be able to manifest our dreams, whatever they might be.
Whatever our present circumstance might be is a reflection of what we have manifested with our thinking.
It is up to us to replace the thoughts of fear, limitation, struggle and pain with optimism, abundance, going with the flow and pleasure.
The power to make drastic changes and improve our lives lies within our subconscious mind.
Developing our theta mind is the key to unlocking this ability.
Most of us operate from the unconscious memories of our childhood.
We do not even realize that we are programmed.
This program can be changed.
All we have to do is develop our theta mind and replace the old program with one of our choosing.
There are five brain-wave states: beta, alpha, theta, delta and gamma.
Theta is the one usually experienced during sleep when we have those rapid eye movements.
Investing the time and energy to develop the theta state pays big dividends.
Beta deals with our day-to-day logical thinking mind.
We spend 90% of our thinking mind in beta.
The theta mind is the repository of our subconscious programs.
We are able to command our subconscious while in theta with phenomenal results.
One example of the theta state is a person who is walking on hot coals or lying on a bed of nails.
We can change our thoughts about our past.
We can replace them with joyous and positive ones right now.
There really is no past or future.
Think of it, we are always in the NOW! It is up to us to rearrange our thoughts so that they coincide with our desire for a great future.
The author of this CD, Asara Lovejoy, has done a wonderful job of sharing her thoughts and vision with us on this subject.
Perhaps you would like to reflect on these thoughts and form your own conclusion.

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