Take Football as Your Way to Success

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For all; no matter in which social strata they are fallen in, success is inevitably the goal for life.
Schooling, socialization, television, internet, print media and other methods of knowledge- or information-generation are our instructors who point us the way to success.
However, have we all learned what our instructors have pointed to yet? Some instructions to success are too theoretical, while some can only be applied by a very few people.
Watching a football match, I have just learned an extremely practical way to success that can be applied by author to zoologist.
This way is "Never Give up Even in One Last Second.
" All football stars never give up their goal-scoring even in one last second.
Everyone, for your success, shall follow football professional; never give up even in one last second.
Students, lawyers, politicians, doctors, householders, analysts, business people; to be precise those in the category from A to Z shall follow football as your way to success.
My above demonstration is very conventional, as we have already seen or heard of a jargon: "life is struggle"; however I see this jargon is too theoretical, and it is even more theoretical for children born in this materialistic century.
Football is my most easy-to-understand and most easy-to-practice example for pointing to the way to any success.
Should "Never Give up Even in One Last Second" formula is fully applied to all professions in the society; I truly believe that professional misconducts and irresponsibility will be drastically diminished.
I hope to see this article in other languages, with due reference back to me.

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