You Get What You"re Looking For

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You get what you're looking for...
The most widely accepted and known principle of quantum physics is called The Observer Effect.
Quite simply this principle states, "You get what you're looking for.
" Or, what you consistently place your attention upon is what comes into your life.
According to David Bohm (quantum physicist and a colleague of Einstein's), "You cannot separate the observer from the thing being observed.
" In other words, the observer (you and me) and the things experienced or observed in the world are one and the same.
What we perceive in the world around us is nothing more than a projection of our own internal world and/or consciousness.
It's now scientifically proven that we create and choose our own reality based upon where we consistently place our attention.
We live in a nation that, for nearly two decades now, has placed its continued and passionate attention upon "terror.
" In the past 5 years, we've even created a "War on Terror," which is propagating and feeding terror.
Is it any surprise that North Korea is now developing nuclear weapons? You get what you're looking for, and...
Energy flows where attention goes.
You may ask, "James, are you actually suggesting that we wanted and created North Korea to be a nuclear power?" Well, according to the latest findings in physics, quite emphatically, "Yes!" For example, if you have a romantic partner and you love him or her, you give them attention.
If you have children and you love them, you give them attention.
Attention equals love...
We are a nation drowning in fear, and truth be told, we are in love with our fear...
Why? Because we're attending to it all the time.
It's like a roaring bonfire, and we're throwing logs onto it day after day, week after week.
A fire left unattended and unfed invariably goes out.
I read in a recent issue of Entertainment Magazine that "slasher horror films" are at an all-time popular high.
And according to EM, "the gorier and bloodier they are, the better.
" And guess what? Three of the top 10 most popular searches on Google last week were for horror flicks.
Furthermore, I turned on the news for a moment this morning and the anchor stated, "The most popular headlines in the news right now coming right up.
" The screen then showed:
  • Four slain on the highway in Florida...
  • North Korea's slippery slope...
  • Increased New York airspace restrictions (with a picture of the smoldering building damaged by Cory Lidle's tragic accident)...
And then it moved right into "The Severe Weather Expert.
" Energy flows where attention goes.
And please remember, this isn't some wishy-washy, positive-thinking philosophy...
this is scientifically proven.
When we change inside, we'll change our observations outside, and our world will then follow.
When is NOW the time to begin feeding the fire of what we truly want and love? To your continued wealth and happiness, James Arthur Ray

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