You Are The Only Life Manager Of Yourself: Create Yourself

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School of Life

My topic is on self-reliance and I'm not writting about specifics such as finances, time management, organizing pantry/closets, piles/clutter or food storage and I'm not going to tell you anything new.  Self-reliance is a commandment.  The pay-offs are happiness, security and hope of Celestial Kingdom.

All of you are sitting on computer chair power seats. You didn't pay $1,000.00 for the tickets but your seats have become available through divine intervention. Every one should leave the computer screen with commitment to change, the spirit of the Lord and increased knowledge.

For the purpose of this article on self-reliance I will call this life's journey school of life.  In the school of life obviously all must attend school AND THERE WILL BE HOMEWORK.  In this school there are three large classrooms with degrees of difficulty. You must sign up for one class today after receiving a description of the courses and pre-requisites.

EXISTING Is instinctual; it is involuntary reactive self-presevation with the primary goal of just geting from one day to the next without regard to quality.

PRE-REQUISITE: experience as a participant or addicted viewer in a circus freak T.V. talk show that try to morally out bizarre one another and extreme violators of universal laws.(law of gravity, law of the harvest etc)

LIVING Is the exercise of certain learned skills, attitudes and abilities that you have acquired and honed to a harp and focussed edge. Primary goal is to have a quality of experience that is unique and rewarding. Average outcome.

PRE-REQUISITE: A closed mind if you simply just don't get it, presence of wrong thinking or misinformation, attitude of resistance as to debate the Real Deal and the rules of the game, distracted, favorite saying "it's not fair" or "it's all relative" not as in Einstein's theory but as a social more and whinnying about "bad genes."

SELF-RELIANCE Is for the informed minority. A major undertaking. It means accountable for your own life, responsible to move forward with a plan, preparation for good life management skills, peace of mind and confidence. Dong what matters.  The skills you need to create are the skills of understanding and controlling the cause and effect relationship of life using your knowledge to make things happen the way you want them to. Learning how and why you do what you do and don't do what you don't do.

PRE-REQUISITE: A pasionate commitment to being th best.  those who will take off blinders and resolve now that you no longer live by the old adage that "ignorance is bliss", those who will discriminate about where and from you accept input, those who will face their demons and fears, those who are tuned in and want the real deal, those who will not settle, those who will focus on what to do to win and those who will put God's interests as your interest.

Never in your life are you without problems and challenges every day. The person you most need to stand up to in this world is you.  The battle ground where decisive battles are fought are within you.  What makes a problem big is simply that it's yours.  It does mean that my problems need to matter to me otherwise it won't matter to anybody who can change them. You are your most important resource.  My problems are important because I'm important.  Your problems are important because you are important even in the grand scheme of things.  It isn't a selfish thought. But beware of getting bogged down in a debate about the fairness or unfairness of what has befallen you.  If it's unfair, then it's unfair but you still have to deal with it.  If something is unfair you confront, you forgive, you make apologies, and get past it.  If you don't allow yourself to get past it you will have side effects.  It could affect your health, marriage, relationships and spiritual powers.  It will eat you alive.

The world has it's own laws and ability to enforce them.  Laws in which you don't get a vote such as the physical law of gravity.  If you violate the law of gravity you can experience pain or depending on the elvation even death.  Most people would't jump off a plan without a parachute.  we know this law.  It is swift, harsh, and inescapable.  There are other universal laws in which you don't get to vote such as cause and effect in other words: thoughts, words, or behaviour gets you a result. However you can make a legal U-turn to quickly change direction by not doing what comes naturally by first choosing the results that you want and then choosing the bahaviour that will guarantee those results.   This pattern is called "self-defence" or "prevention" against attacks and losses; and establishing this pattern with a righteous desire is the absolute core of what you must master.  Lady Thatcher first ever female Prime Minister "Evil and conflict will always be with us so we must keep our defences strong.  It is only with strong defences that freedom can be maintained. Our savior's atonement is the only way to satisfy the law of justice but we still have to live with the results of our behaviour.  Sometimes this law is swift but most of the time it is subtle and more seductive and can be catastrophic.  Only a minority gets it. To get it you have to be tuned in not just playing.  God wants to bles us but he doesn't brake the law to bless us. He tells us what to do or not to do  so that He can bless us.  When you are tuned in you receive knowledge and knowledge applied with wisdom is power.  Your job is to be a life manager good or bad. You can't get fired or quit.  It's an eternal mantel. You are the manager and you have at lest one very important client; you.
  • Is your life manager keeping you safe and secure from foolish risks? (Life ins., Home ins.,  wills, food storage, safe vehicle)
  • Is your life manager putting you in a situation where you can utilize all of your skills and abilities?
  • Is your life manager taking care of your health an well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally,and spiritually?
  • Is your life manager selecting and pusuing relationships in which you can be healthy and flourish?
  • Is your life manager arranging for some fun and recreation in your life?
  • Is your life manager structuring your world so that there is balance aqmong important things?

You are marked for glory.  To be an effective manager of yourself you need the knowledge to predict, motivate and control your impulses and overcome resistance and excuses.  President Ezra TaftBenson "When the world comes after you, you'd better have a good strategy. God is our example of plans, patterns, strategies from which He never deviates.  It is part of his soul of who He is and works.  The opposite of knowledge and a dangerous alternative is presence of wrong thinking or misinformation.  a reliance upon misinformation is crippling, misleading and harmful.

Can you see how plans, patterns, strategies fits in with self-reliance? We will start by looking at God's example of moving forward with a plan then look at our own patterns and plans.  God has established a simple pattern for revealing his plan to his children.  He chooses righteous men and reveals the truth to them.  The prophets then teach others about the plan of God.  God gives them authority to act in his name. when people hear the teachings of these men or read the scriptures, the Holy Gost helps them know that the teachings are true.

Learning How and Why You Do What You Do and

Why You Don't Do What You Don't Do.

Behaviour and Consequences

Most people learn that if you put your hand on a hot stove you will get burned. It is swift.  No pain is the motivator in other words the pay-off.  Not all consequences are swift and that is why we are lulled and forget about this law.

A law of life as sure as the law of gravity and not knowing it is tantamount to being illiterate.  You can ignore the law of behaviour and consequences and function at a lower level or you can choose to take responsibility for your behaviours and thoughts and live at a higher level. Taking responsibility doesn't mean giving lip-service to being accountable by saying: "Okay I'm over 8 years old or I'm an adult I'm accountable. If you are an adult, and live independently, free of alzymers, no  brain  tumour or some other involuntary disruption of thinking you are accountable. You have always been accountable and alays will be! That is how it is an you don't have a vote.  This does not mean blame-worthy there is a difference. Accountable as in responsible because the solution lies in you.

Each Person is Unique and Different
  • If you don't like your job you are accountable
  • If you didn't pay your tithing you are accountable
  • If you are overweight you are accountable
  • If you used the Lord's name in vain you are accountable
  • If you didn't say your prayers you are accountable
  • If you don't trust members of the opposite sex you are accountable
  • If you haven't opened your Roger's wireless bill for 6 months and you discovered that there has been a monthly billing error andcustomer service will only credit you for the last three months according to their policy you are accountable
  • If you receive a phone call from A/R Roger's Wireless and you discover that you were given the wrong plan and you refuse to call customer care to change the plan because you don't like to be put on hold for 20 minures you are accountable
  • If you sign for a friend to get a cell phone because they don't have credit and 6 months down the road that friend stops paying the bill you are acountable
  • You made the choice
  • You worried
  • You didn't do the homework
  • You went to bed too late
  • You wanted the dog
  • You trusted him
  • If you are angry, hurt, upset, insecure, depressed or lonely you own those feelings
  • If you forgot your wife's birthday you are accountable
  • If you are Canadian and you forgot to  renew your health card and your doctor wants you to go for blood work before renewing your prescription and the lab wants a cash payment because you don't have a valid health card and you can't afford it; you are accountable
  • If you didn't get your new licence sticker for your plates at the ministry of transportation by your birthday and  the police gives you a ticket you are acountable


Accepting the law of cause and effect; behaviour and consequence and not resisting it means that you can no longer dodge responsibility for how and why your life is the way it is. This is important because if you don't accept accountability, you will misdiagnose every problem you have.  If you misdiagnose,  you will mistreat.  If you mistreat you won't get better. You either look at life as a player on the victim's team or the accountable team. By convincing yourself that you are a victim you are guaranteed no healing, no victory.  Mine fields are housed in the minds and hearts of those who oppose change. The mines can be ignited when someone suggests a better way, a different method, another viewpoint or need to change.

Qualities of Wise People

Proverbs 15:31-33 "The ear that heareth the reproof of life abithed among the wise.  He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul:  but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding.  The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility."

There Is More Than One Way To Play The Victim
  1. You can insist that someone is being mean or unfair or ugly to you.
  2. The most common way is to believe that you are right in your position and those who disagree with you are wrong.  Even if you are right and they are wrong you still have ownership of the problem. If you're so right, if you're so smart, then why can't you create the results that you want?  You can answer, "They won't listen."  You own the fact that they won't listen.  The fact that they won't listen is a direct result of your inability to get them to hear you.

There is no escape or exceptions of our acountability. That is the way the world is.  End of sentence.  Accountability is not a passive word it is a power that most of us refuse to use in all of our challenges.  Most of us could write a book on how to ignore accountability into a fantasy world.

The sower may mistake and sow his peas crookedly; the peas make no mistake but come up and show the line. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bottom Line

Accepting your role in your problems and feelings, acknowledging that you are accountable means that you get it.  It means that you understand that the solution lies with you and that you have quit looking for answers in the wrong places. You've got what it takes, you're worth the effort, nobody is going to do it for you.  50% of problem solving lies in the description of the problem.

"Thou shalt not lie.  Thou shalt not steal." Denying is lying and cheating is stealing, conceiling something or omitting information with intent to deceive are all forms of dishonesty . We brake these commandments every day.  This is how we ignore accountability into a fantasy world by Sabotaging with Patterns or Habits.


Denial is a hindering power a gobbling illusion.  It's a lie.  It misrepresents truth or omits truth, and can take the form of totally failing to see what is, but resisting it, because you don't like it. Either way denial is dangerous.  We do not want problems to be true, we do not want bad news, and as a result we become functionally blind.  The dam of denial holds back the flood of sorrow for sin, grief for loss, remorse, regret and repentence.

Example of Denial and Logical Consequences

Let's say that you are a married women who works partime and your husband is on unemployment. You have a family wedding coming up. You go to Sears and spend $60.00 on a dress you can't afford and will only wear once. You wear the dress use deodorant, perfume and you happen to be a smoker and accidently burn a very tiny hole in the dress.You want to return the dress to Sears and say the dress doesn't fit.  You tell your friends of your intentions and they approve.Some even said: Sears allows you to return an outfit even if they know that you wore it because i't good customer service practice. They are taking the weight of your lie/deception/conceilment  off your shoulders.  Ask yourself is that what a good friend does?
  • It is selfish to offload  something  you used and damaged to someone else
  • The word dishonest means: acts of lying and stealing

You have a type of blindness by ignoring, resisting, dodging, playing the victim and not accepting your role in your problems. Not accepting accountability, a universal law-an active power in which you have no vote just because you want the immediate pay-off $60.00 back for the return of the damaged dress means that there will be a consequence. The law of (cause and effect, behavior and consequences, the law of the harvest)  is slow coming as opposed to the immediate consequences of the law of gravity. When the consequences arrive you will not recognize it as a consequence. You are the sower  and the creator of your life wihin the bounderies of the universal laws. You always reap what you sow.

Example of God Teaching this Law

Eli was the High priest and judge connected with the early history of Samuel the prohet in the old testament of the bible.The blot on his character was his toleration or his resistance to the actuality of the wickedness of his sons.He allowed them to continue to work in the Temple.  God told Samuel that if Eli didn't restrain his sons they both would die the same day. Eli's sabotaging behavior was resistence to actuality and numbness to deal with it.He was avoiding being brow beaten for the rest of his life by his wife and the possibility of not being able to enjoy the family association with his sons and their families.Number one fear among all people without exception is rejection. Number one need of all people wihout exeption is acceptance.  He dodged the responsibility because he din't like it. This is scary and unpleasant. He didn't purposely sabotage himself. He had an imediate pay-off. His mind was closed as to other possibilities. he sat on the sidelines and didn't take action and let God make a descision.


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