You"re Afraid To Die? Why?

Death is basically defined as the separation of the soul/spirit of man from his physical body. The death of people close to our hearts is something that causes worry to most of us. Many are grieving not only because they miss their departed loved ones, but more than that, they are not sure where the

Dead Presidents on Paper

As a financial planner, by necessity, I engage in many conversations with my clients, and prospective clients, about money. The concept of money has an interesting effect on people. The power they attribute to it would make one think that the picture of a dead president on a piece of paper could cre

Learn to Meditate - Meditation for Beginners

When You Learn Meditation, Quieting the Mind is More Difficult Than Quieting the Body. If you've tried meditating, you know what often happens. For the first few minutes, all goes well. Then the mind

The Theta State Of Mind

Recently I was listening to a CD called "The One Command" by Asara Lovejoy. The subject was the theta state of mind. I found it so riveting that I decided to write an article on the subject, sharing my interpretation with you.

Why Worry to Think, If You Can Guess?

To guess is to form an opinion, give an answer, or make a statement based on supposition, but not on careful thought, calculation or definite knowledge. Guessing has a lot of advantages to the person who is always busy at work.

Thoughts To Ponder - #1

These little known quotes from a variety of well-known philosophers, authors and professionals bring a perspective worth contemplating.
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